Monday, March 18, 2013


  • Anywhere EXCEPT your place of employment!

  • ONE DAY can change reality! Here's how....

    Too often strikes are considered only in terms of mass action. Perhaps the time has come to envision a change of reality in terms of personal empowerment. Intention is everything, and this call-out is not about convincing others to change the world, it is instead to lead by example...even if no one follows. It is not about attending an event, it is about staking a claim for a different way of life.

    If you do not like this idea, or this is something that deeply offends you...then don't 'like' it and don't do it.

    Top 5 things to do on a personal strike:

    1.) Spend time with your family or friends
    2.) Go outside and get away from it all, reconnect
         with nature
    3.) Do something for someone else, lend a
         helping hand
    4.) Build community, talk to neighbors
    5.) Attend a May Day event or action! 
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