Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Petition the Supreme Court to Restore Civil Rights


Reverse the US Supreme Court decision
to set aside 
the right to remain silent

In a 5-4 ruling, the justices held that a person no longer has the right to remain silent as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment. In relevant part, the Fifth Amendment mandates that no one “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” 

Our Founding Fathers understood how vital the right against self-incrimination was to the pursuit of justice. This protection from self-incrimination has had long and expansive historical development and is the essential mainstay of our adversary system. 

The court has time to correct this error. Please do so to preserve the integrity of US jurisprudence. Our Bill of Rights and the US Constitution hang in the balance.

Sign the petiton!
Stand up and fight back!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Cover, No Closures, No Cuts: Preserve our Scenic and Safe Reservoirs

Lets Talk about PDX Reservoirs:

We can still get a waiver, tell the city council to take action!

We can preserve our reservoirs!

Visit the Community Calendar and take action!

The Portland City Council should request an EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Waiver
and Not cover or close reservoirs:  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Northwest Alliance Progressive Directory

            Portland Alliance Partners 

and More....
join an organization and work for peace, justice, and freedom.
We make a difference!
ACLU:  /American Civil LIberties Union
Alliance for Democracy

AMA / Backspace
B-Media Collective 
Bread&Roses /
CIO / Center for Intercultural Organizing
Latino immigrant rights
Citizens for Legitimate Govt.
Code Pink
Common Dreams /
CWA / Communication Wrkers of America
DIA / Democracy in Action
Democracy Now /
Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)
First Unitarian Church /
FSP / Freedom Socialist Party
General Strike
Green Shadow Cabinet!

Huffington Post Portal
ISO / International Socialist Org.
Jobs w\ Justice
Kathy Kelly
KBOO / Labor Notes /
Labor Radio /
Lesbian Bisexual Gay Transgendr Queer /
MRG / McKenzie River Gathering
Milagro /
Mobile T's Cover the News
/ Move-On /
Move to Amend
Occupy /
OEA /  Oregon Education Assoc.
Occupy PDX
Oregon Peace and Justice /
Peace House
Peace & Justice Works
Peace worker
/ Peter Parks' Portal
PDX Central America
Solidarity Committee.
 PPRC / PDX Peaceful Response Coalition

PDX Rising
Portland Solidarity Network

Right 2 Dream Too
Sisters of The Road
Street Roots
/ Skanner /
SocialistWorker.org /
The Nation / TruthOut /
The 99%
Urban League /
Veterans for Peace /
VFP / Veterans for Peace
Voz / Workers Rights Education Project 
War Resisters League   
We Are Oregon 

Witness for Peace /

Truth to Power & Distressing Portland's Elites
Since 1981!

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