Saturday, April 5, 2014

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ttp://  Occupy Portland Is Re-occupying Chapman Park
PORTLAND, Ore. – Occupy Portland is back. The group is setting up camp again across from the Justice Center and promising to fill Chapman Park. People are gathering at the Justice Center to protest repression, war, injustice, poverty, joblessness, homelessness and inequity. They also stand in support of basic civil rights and against police brutality. This reoccupation is part of a Worldwide Wave of Action that started Friday with former Occupy sites in 10 cities across the nation.
How to Fan the Flames by Alexandra Bradbury and Jane Slaughter We troublemakers keep hoping for the spark that will set a wildfire of workers in motion. The worse our situation gets—economically, politically, ecologically—the more we yearn for a vast movement to erupt and transform the landscape. ,,, It will take large-scale bravery to reverse the giant mess capitalism has made of everything—massive inequality, our unions sliding to near-extinction, our planet on the verge of eco-catastrophe.
That’s why, in the long term, a movement with a troublemaking spirit—the kind that inspires people to bravery—is the only kind with a chance to win. These ideas, struggles, and more will all be up for discussion at the Labor Notes Conference next weekend in Chicago. A full version of this article appeared in Labor Notes #421, April 2014. - See more at: How to Fan the Flames A version of this article appeared in Labor Notes #421, April 2014. Don't miss an issue, subscribe today. - See more at: