Friday, September 21, 2012

Currently The Portland Alliance and KBOO Radio are sponsoring Voices in Action:  Human Rights on Film.  This exciting International Film Festival runs from October 4 through October 7. These nine films, collected and presented by the NW Film Center, will be showing at Whitsell Auditorium in the Portland Art Museum.
Thurs. Oct. 4 @ 7pm. / "Radio Unnameable,"
Wed. Oct. 10 @ 8:30pm / "Five Broken Cameras,"
Thurs. Oct. 11 @ 7pm. / "Raising Resistance,"
Tues. Oct. 23 @ 7pm. / "Words of Witness." 
Wed. Oct. 24 @ 7pm. / "Bidder 70,"
Tues. Oct. 30 @ 7pm / "Brothers on the Line,"
Wed. Oct. 31 @ 7pm. / "The World Before Her," 
Thurs. Nov. 1 @ 7pm. / "Escape Fire:  The Fight to Rescue American Health Care," 
Wed. Nov. 7 @ 7pm. / "The Invisible War.") 

Admission is $9 or $8 for students & Seniors

The Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media & Education (NAAME) is moving out of their production offices at 5926 N. Albina Avenue.
We must be entirely moved by the end of September.  At this point in time, we are still looking for a place to rent an office.  We need less than 500 square foot.  We can setup shop in an unused garage, a basement, an attic etc.  We can afford to pay up to 500 per month including utilities. 

During this period of transition, the Alliance will continue publishing online and sponsoring and/or endorsing progressive events and actions. Besides the Film Series above, the Alliance is sponsoring "Genocide in Portland" a new public television series on incipient racism in our hometown.  We are sponsoring
a Fifth Monday Labor Radio Special from 6-7pm on Monday, October 29.  (Tim Flanagan, Michael Morrow, and Lane Poncey will co-host this show featuring Third Party Alternatives for Election 2012.

The Alliance will continue (in print, radio, television, and community meetings) to make certain that Alternative Media is provided a voice during these critical and revolutionary times.  We have been speaking truth to power for more than 31 years and we will continue to stand up for Peace, Justice, and Freedom. If you want to help us deliver critical information, please show up to help us move at 10 am Sat. Sept. 22nd, Sun. Sept. 23, and Sun. Sept. 29.  We will provide coffee, music, and inspiration!

If you cannot help us with the move, let us know if you are aware of a place we can rent!  And if you can do neither, please go online at and click on the Donate Button in the top left corner of the screen.  Send us $1, $5, $50, $500, or whatever you can afford to help insure that the Alliance endures, survives and prevails.
                 ( Or visit this page: