Tuesday, August 4, 2015


August Portland Alliance:
— at St John’s Bridge….Cathedral Park.
by Bette Lee                                                        pictures by Bette Lee
What an awe-inspiring, daring and utterly breath-taking direct action by Greenpeace activists at the St. John’s bridge in Portland, OR. 13 courageous and determined GP activists rappelled from the bridge, and were suspended for over 40 hours in their attempt to stop or delay the Fennica, an ice-breaker owned by Shell Corp., bound for the Artic to be used for oil-drilling. They were supported by the “kayaktivists” who bravely tried to block the Fennica from sailing past the bridge, but were overwhelmed by the coast guard in their motorboats. We will always remember the beautiful image of this remarkable direct action of these activists hanging from the bridge, with their colored flags flying in the wind.
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Stop Drilling in the Arctic! Obama betrayed us Again…
Greenpeace activists board the ice breakers Fennica and Nordica in Helsinki. The activists protest against Shell's Arctic oil drilling plans by dropping banners reading
Why do people support Obama when he supports drilling in the Arctic, offshore drilling, murdering prisoners, 27 unnecessary wars of choice, the suspension of habeas corpus, sending illegal drones knowing each kills an average of fifty innocent people.
If you want this irresponsible drilling stopped, contact the most powerful man on the planet… as if if would do you any good.

Revolution and Liberation… ~OO~

dcAt home, American police bureaus, militarized and armed with machine-guns, have been provided a license to kill at will and our president claims a “right” to kill anyone, anywhere, any time, for any reason or without providing any reason at all. This amoral and extralegal extortion has been extended abroad in more than 25 corporate wars of choice. And what is most terrifying is that the American people have surrendered to this betrayal and treason.  With innocents executed at home and abroad, we are under attack and must stand up and fight back.
The revolution has begun.  ~OO~       http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/afewwords
     Take Action!  We are the change we seek!
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Black Lives Matter Portland 
State of the Black Union
 There was an African funeral at the Mississippi Street Fair  (aka the White Celebration  of Black Displacement)
for our siblings, Kendra James and Keaton Otis, lost to racist police murder.
We love and remember them.   
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